In fulfilling our mission to provide affordable, necessary medicines to enhance and save the lives of patients, XGen Pharmaceuticals DJB has always objected to and will continue to object to the use of our products in capital punishment. 

Business Partnerships


XGen Pharmaceuticals DJB, Inc. values its heritage of progressive product line expansion and excellence in developing new  partnerships. As a privately-owned business, XGen DJB distinguishes itself in the generic pharmaceutical market-space by placing emphasis on the development of key partnerships with domestic and internationally directed organizations.

Our product offerings center on generic injectables, distributed primarily through the hospital/clinic/institutional market; with a predominant focus on the US market.

We partner in areas that compliment our existing product offerings while expanding our reach beyond anti-infectives.  Growth areas of interest include but are not limited to oncology, parental nutritional supplements, chronic disease, cardiology and neurology.


XGen values current relationships and actively seeks new collaborations in areas key to XGen’s growth, including

  • Asset purchases and licensing (ANDA, NDA)
  • Sales, marketing and distribution of approved products in the United States
  • Joint product development (ANDA, 505(b)(2), PIV)
  • Product lifecycle management (Including regulatory support – ANDA filings, Pharmacovigilance, etc.)
  • International registrations
Kim Johnson

Kim Johnson

VP, Quality Assurance

“We will consistently provide products of exceptional quality that meet, or exceed all ethical, technical and regulatory standards in the markets we serve.”

Marcus Juliano

Marcus Juliano

VP,  Regulatory Affairs

“XGen DJB holds 20 Abbreviated New Drug Applications (ANDA). We are compliant in all FDA-mandated mechanisms.”

Billy Poltrock

Billy Poltrock

VP,  Sales

“Our National Accounts Team has over 125 years of  industry experience.

We are proudly recognized as a Women’s Business Enterprise”

Mike Wakefield

Mike Wakefield

VP,  Operations

“We strive for excellence every day by employing the right people, cultivating the best relationships, and focusing on our customers.”

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