Vision / Mission

Our Vision

With the future of healthcare rapidly changing and unknown, X-GEN will leverage its strong legacy with boldness, foresight and business intelligence to create opportunities for employees, customers, markets and products. We will celebrate our victories and embrace our challenges as we build our future with a “No Problem” attitude.

Our Mission …think BIG …be BOLD …be REAL

Values are displayed in both behavior and action. They are applicable to everyone in the company.

Living our Values…

Our values tell us, our customers, suppliers and vendors what we will not compromise. Each value is backed up by statements as to how we will behave and act. When making decisions we can look to our values to make certain we are being consistent. If we choose a value it means that it is sacred and not negotiable. It is not uncommon when faced with difficult decisions to ask ourselves, “Is this in line with our values?”

What’s best for X-GEN?

** The mission of XGen Pharmaceuticals DJB is to provide affordable, necessary medicines to enhance and save the lives of the patients we serve across many therapeutic categories. In fulfilling this mission XGen Pharmaceuticals DJB has always objected and will continue to object to any use of our products in capital punishment. XGen Pharmaceuticals DJB will not accept orders from any correctional institutions. Further, XGen Pharmaceuticals DJB requires written confirmation from our partners that our products will not be resold to any correctional institutions.
We distribute our products in a manner that is consistent with our goal of providing our customers uninhibited access to our products while restricting distribution for capital punishment.

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