XGen Pharmaceuticals DJB, Inc. is closely monitoring the status of the COVID-19 outbreak and its impact locally and globally. Due to the crucial role we play in providing pharmaceutical products to hospitals, and healthcare facilities throughout the supply chain, we are open and continue to operate with minimal staff to keep products going out to those healthcare facilities.

We are committed to keeping our employees and business partners safe, and have the majority of our staff working remotely, even though we are exempt from the New York State (NYS) requirement for 100% remote operations for non-essential businesses.

We have implemented our Crisis Management Plan, and we have a Business Continuity Plan, if needed, to sustain operations through the NYS mandated quarantine and reduction in onsite workforce.

Following our Crisis Management Plan, we continue to:
• Adhere to health and safety standards
• Postpone non-essential travel
• Educate employees on recommended practices to reduce the spread of all viruses
• Work with suppliers and customers to minimize any impact to the supply chain
• Receive shipments from our suppliers
• Ship products to our customers
• Communicate regularly with all our business partners

We will continue to monitor the situation and comply with all mandatory and recommended actions, and communicate to our business partners, as appropriate.

If you have any specific questions, please send them to PMO@xgenpharmadjb.com