Big Flats, NY, February 1, 2016 – X-GEN Pharmaceuticals, Inc. becomes the first generic alternative to receive FDA approval of their ANDA for the marketing and distribution of Lincomycin Injection, USP. Lincomycin is used to treat serious infections due to susceptible strains of streptococci, pneumococci, and staphylococci when penicillin is inappropriate due to patient allergies or other variables.

Susan Badia Esq., President and CEO, stated that “X-GEN’s launch of the first generic Lincomycin HCl Injection exemplifies our commitment to actively seeking opportunities to extend our product portfolio with meaningful generic alternatives.” One of the key drivers in the timely product launch of Lincomycin is X-GEN’s strong strategic business alliances which allow flexibility to market demands. Ms. Badia further stated that “at our core, X-GEN seeks out business relationships that will allow the organization to continually advance patient quality of life through the introduction of low cost, high quality alternatives.”


About X-GEN

X-GEN Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is focused on the development, manufacture and delivery of specialty pharmaceutical products which serve the healthcare community as effective, generic treatment choices. X-Gen’s expanding product line offers a broad range of dosage forms including injectables, anti-infective solutions, oral solids, and inhalants. For further information about X-GEN Pharmaceuticals, call (866) 390-4411, or visit the web-site at