Big Flats, NY, May 19, 2014 — X-GEN Pharmaceuticals announced today it will begin marketing and distributing Polymyxin B for Injection, USP in a 10 pack carton. The new arrival is a product line extension to X-GEN’s current Polymyxin B drug, which is used to prevent infections that are strongly suspected or proven to be caused by bacteria in patients.

During the last several years the industry has experienced supply interruptions creating inconsistent availability for medical professionals and their patients. X-GEN proactively sought to extend the Polymyxin B product line in keeping with its goal to offer a consistent customer experience. Corporate Vice President, Rob Liles commented that “X-GEN’s release of Polymyxin B in partnership with a vertically integrated supplier resolves a long-standing industry-wide supply issue with the drug and will allow X-GEN to consistently meet market demand.” In addition to helping provide the marketplace with a more consistent supply, the addition of a 10 pack carton offers the buyer another option for greater purchasing flexibility. Mr. Liles also stated that, “X-GEN continually seeks out business partnerships and supply chain efficiencies in order to best serve current and emerging medical needs.”

About X-GEN

X-GEN Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is focused on the development, manufacture and delivery of specialty pharmaceutical products which serve the healthcare community as effective, generic treatment choices. X-GEN’s expanding product line offers a broad range of dosage forms including injectables, anti-infective solutions, oral solids, powders for prescription compounding and inhalants. For further information about X-GEN Pharmaceuticals call (866) 390-4411, or visit the web-site at