♥  From Susan, Catherine and Rob

Jim Baileys (known to us by simply, “JB”) unexpectedly passed away one year ago, enjoying one of his many outdoor hobbies.  He joined XGen in 2010 in the Contracts department and immediately made an impact to the organization.  In 9 short years he had been promoted to Sr. Director of Commercial Operations.

JB had a bounce in his step, enthusiastic about any challenge he might face daily and always with a smile.  He expected a great deal out of the individuals in his department, nevertheless, was very caring, passionate and always mentoring.  He had many one-liners that we all remember and quote very often.

JB made our world so much happier, kinder and more colorful to be part of.  The memories will live on and the moments we shared will remain with us forever.

We were very lucky to have known JB and to have learned from him – I’m sure he would finish this sentence with, “That’s a true statement”.


Colleagues, co-workers and business partners –
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“There are so many things I miss about you, JB!
However, those are not the things I want to talk about here….

You pushed hard for my growth, as you did for everyone else at XGen.  I  didn’t realize, until yesterday, that I would be fulfilling your goals for me…..on your birthday!  I’ve earned the promotion you wanted for me which, in turn, has allowed me to fulfill the other goal/wish you held for me.  As of December 6, 2020, I will no longer be an employee of The Home Depot!

Thank you, so very much for all of the things that you did to help me grow and get to this point, regardless of how much they may have annoyed me at the time!”  😉

~ ”Swan Song”


“John C. Maxwell said, “One of the greatest values of mentors is the ability to see ahead what others cannot see and to help them navigate a course to their destination.”

James D. Baileys lived this quote every single day. When I think of him, I think of value. How much he valued his family, hunting, work, Bentley the dog and his colleagues. Jim was a humble man; kind, sarcastic and an authoritarian when needed to be. JB helped people become more of who they truly are; he was a remarkable leader, a true mentor and to a lot of us, a therapist. He genuinely took the time to get to know his employees, it always felt like you were just having a conversation with a friend.

JB, I miss your guidance, your drive and push, your chuckle, but most of all I miss your great and sometimes nonsensical stories. I hope we’re all making you smile, because you still put a smile on my face every single day. Thank you for all you ever did for not only myself but for all the other lives you touched while you were here.”

– Liz “AB”

“The amount of great things I could say about JB is profound, much like he was himself. He was a tremendous boss, coworker, and mentor; but most of all, he was a great person. JB wanted to make every individual around him excel personally, in order for them to become better professionally. He was truly invested in the growth of our company and all those around him and sincerely, I miss him every day.

The gratitude we have is unfathomable for everything he taught, and continues to teach, all of us.

We will truly never stop missing our friend, James Baileys.”

– Andrew Liles

“Never take for granted the time and friendships you have. I had the privilege to know and work with JB for over nine years. He was truly a genuine individual. Never one to accept praise, JB was more comfortable signing the praise of others! A real team player. Problems were never problems, but opportunities!

To me JB was a mentor, a father figure, and confidant; one who would always focus on the positive and never spend time dwelling on the negative. I can honestly say, I am a better person for having known JB.

Not a day goes by where I don’t think about JB… we share a cup of coffee every day, “True statement”.

Thanks JB”.

 – Stevo’

“At least once a month on a Friday I wear my blue shirt for JB “Never had a bad day” and every time I wear it out I always get a comment “Like awesome shirt” or “I needed that”.  It just reminds me of how grateful I am to have met such a great man that always made me smile, and turn my not so great of a day around.

Thanks JB and I will continue to wear that shirt and make others not having a good day smile.”

– Heather Reed

“I will never take for granted the tutelage, nor the friendship of “bossman JB”.

I was fortunate to have him as my boss for only 2 years but in that time, I learned far more from him than I ever could have imagined.  His lessons went beyond the walls of XGen and I can confidently say I am a better person because JB taught me to be.

He demanded greatness from me as a boss, he supported me as a friend, he protected me like a father and he instructed me as a mentor.  I owe so many thanks to JB… and I hope he knows how much of an impact he had on my life.

Never, ever,  forgotten bossman… Thank you.”

– Ant