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 Anti-Capital Punishment Statement

The mission of XGen Pharmaceuticals DJB is to provide affordable, necessary medicines to enhance and save the lives of the patients we serve across many therapeutic categories. In fulfilling this mission XGen Pharmaceuticals DJB has always objected and will continue to object to any use of our products in capital punishment. XGen Pharmaceuticals DJB will not accept orders from any correctional institutions. Further, XGen Pharmaceuticals DJB requires written confirmation from our partners that our products will not be resold to any correctional institutions.

We distribute our products in a manner that is consistent with our goal of providing our customers uninhibited access to our products while restricting distribution for capital punishment. 

XGen Pharmaceuticals DJB, Inc. values its heritage of progressive product line expansion and excellence in developing new business partnerships. As a privately-owned business, XGen is able to distinguish itself in the generic pharmaceutical market space by placing strong emphasis on continuous development of key partnerships with domestic and internationally directed organizations. XGen values current relationships and actively seeks new collaborations in areas key to XGen’s growth, including:

  • Asset purchases and licensing (ANDA, NDA)
  • Sales, marketing and distribution of approved products in the United States
  • Joint product development (ANDA, 505(b)(2), PIV)
  • Product lifecycle management (Including regulatory support – ANDA filings, Pharmacovigilance, etc.)
  • International registrations
  • Export of FDA approved products to new markets


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