A Passionate Team…

You will work with an experienced and passionate team which enjoys a collaborative culture where questions are encouraged and decisions shared.

Your co-workers are a team energized by the pharmaceutical industry and the challenges that come with strategically growing the company, while keeping the true spirit of a family-owned organization.

The key to XGen’s success is having a collection of competitive people who want to win every time at bat, but make room for learning when they miss the mark. They combine nimbleness, raw intelligence and this competitive spirit with the latest tools to gain a strategic advantage.

“My career at XGen Pharmaceuticals DJB, Inc. started in June 1999, as a temporary employee performing data entry duties. I was quickly offered a full time position, which led to many different opportunities within the company. XGen has offered me the opportunity to develop my skills in several different areas of the business, most recently as a Product Manager. My current role allows me to collaborate with contract manufacturing partners to schedule the production and delivery of commercial products sufficiently, and to perform lifecycle management of XGen’s commercial portfolio. This position continues to offer interesting challenges, with great reward. It is an honor to be a long standing employee of XGen and I am excited to see what the future brings.”