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“Four month old Gerardo* was the youngest child in a family of four in San Salvador, El Salvador. He was born with cleft lip. In addition to difficulty breathing and eating, children with a cleft lip or palate may also experience social stigmatization, often leading to isolation and psychological issues. Though cleft lip is a simple procedure, Gerardo’s mother could not afford the operation. She began to lose hope that her son’s cleft lip would ever be corrected.

She met Dr. Usama Hamden and his team from the Global Smiles Foundation (GSF), a nonprofit organization that corrects facial congenital deformities in underserved patients. GSF relies on in-kind donations to provide quality procedures; AmeriCares has donated medicine and medical supplies to Dr. Hamdan’s missions since 2005. Included in AmeriCares support for this recent trip to San Salvador were four cases of the muscle relaxant Recouronium Bromide, generously donated by X-GEN Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

The donated Rocuronium was crucial in allowing the team to perform safe and effective surgeries. Thanks to the donors such as X-GEN, Gerardo will grow up free of the physical and social difficulties that often accompany cleft lips.

AmeriCares thanks X-GEN Pharmaceuticals, Inc. for its generous donation and support of underserved children in El Salvador. Together we are improving global health and helping people live longer, healthier lives.”

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*name changed