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Edmund (Ed) Vanderbeck joined XGen Pharmaceuticals DJB, Inc. on May 4, 2020 as President, becoming only the third person to fill the position since the founding of Pharma-Tek almost 50 years ago.  Ed joins XGen DJB as a proven pharmaceutical industry leader having spent the last twelve years of his career with Chemwerth, Inc., a full service Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient supplier.  While at Chemwerth, he served as SVP/EP and finished his career there as COO.  Ed was responsible for all functional areas including, regulatory, compliance, product development, sales and logistics.

The hiring of Ed is a clear reflection of XGen DJB’s vision, mission and values.  He is well respected in the pharmaceutical industry and very familiar with many of our domestic and international business partners.  Ed will be an asset to our organization, complementing the strong team we are building for the future of XGen DJB.  We look forward to his leadership and contributions as we continue to grow our business in the years to come.

Ed stated, “I’m excited to have this opportunity to work with Susan, Rob & Cathy to lead XGen DJB and our dedicated employees to the future”.


Established in 2019, XGen Pharmaceuticals DJB Inc (XGen Pharma DJB) is a young and flexible organization building on decades of pharmaceutical industry experience offered by the management team. As the healthcare industry changes with increasing speed, the management team is committed to honoring the enduring legacy of its founder, Dan Badia, while having the foresight to embrace the increasingly fast-paced pharmaceutical space to create opportunities for the company and those invested in its success, the employees. One of many ways to honor the legacy of the founder was to add his initials to our new corporate name and entity.

Founded and based in Long Island, New York, privately held XGen Pharma DJB continues its original vision and strategy of building a portfolio of products which are long past patent expiration, but still essential to the healthcare community. Chief Executive Officer, Susan Badia and the management team have embraced this successful approach while emphasizing a greater commitment to broadening its product portfolio. Ms. Badia stated that XGen Pharma DJB will continue to concentrate on its “core strengths as we seek products which maintain stable volumes and few competitors. The strong relationships we have throughout the supply chain allow us to maximize market share and logistical efficiencies.”

In addressing XGen Pharma DJB’s focus on broadening the portfolio of products, Chief Operating Officer, J. Robin Liles adds that “XGen Pharma DJB’s will continue to strive to reach its goal of adding 3 to 5 new products to the company portfolio each year – we are committed to developing a broader line of products through development, joint ventures, licensing and/or acquisition .” Liles further stated that “Our typical path toward product development has been to file and own the Abbreviated New Drug Applications (ANDA), but our strategy going forward includes the opportunity for structured partnerships and other agreements which allow XGen Pharmaceuticals DJB to leverage its own core competencies and that of its partners. With alliances across the United States and world there is an opportunity to capitalize on existing supply chain expertise to facilitate more rapid product introductions than we have experienced in the past.”

XGen Pharma DJB is committed to growth and providing affordable, generic equivalents – enhancing patient care today and tomorrow. We will learn from our past, celebrate our victories and embrace our challenges in a rapidly changing environment.

That is who we are.


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